Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Happy Canada Day from...Where???

Just posting to wish all my friends and followers a happy Canada Day. Yep, today, July 1, is Canada's main national holiday (unless you're in Quebec, in which case Canada Day vies for that honour with Saint Jean Baptiste Day - June 24 - but you get the idea). So it's the time when people commemorate Confederation and the creation of Canada as an independent nation on July 1, 1867.

BUT...I'm not actually IN Canada. Just my luck, I'm actually writing to you all while on vacation in the good ol' USA. I certainly haven't forgotten to showcase my Canadian pride, but since the outfit that I brought with me that's red and white also has some (very dark) blue in it, I daresay I look more like a Team USA fan today than a Canuck. This is what happens when Canada Day falls on the same day when the States is playing a World Cup match ;)

So, right now, I'm actually quite reminded of the line from the song "Canada's Really Big" by the Arrogant Worms: "So big we seldom bother to go see one another; although we often go to other countries for vacations..." Given that, I decided that for this year, I'll have some fun with you all for Canada Day and share some of the neat things that I've found over the years on the Internet that poke a little bit of fun at Canada and Canadians. After all, our stereotypes are harmless for the most part, so many Canadians do take some joy in laughing at themselves. Hope you enjoy these - and have a good Canada Day!

1. "S*** Canadians Say"

There was a meme like this going around on YouTube a while back, and here's some Vancouverites' Canadian edition:

2. "Canada's Really Big" by the Arrogant Worms

C'mon - I wouldn't reference this song without showing you what I meant! Also, little Canada Day challenge to any Hetalia fans out there: get through this video with a straight face. First one who succeeds, please let me know!

3. "Canadian Please" by Julia Bentley and Andrew Gunadie

This one, in my opinion, is a bit of a classic by this point - and it's definitely one of my own personal favourites.

4. "I Am Canadian!" by Molson Canadian

This one is the classically quintessential Canadian self-parodying commercial. It's quite old, but people still like it to this day.

5. "Olympic Relay" by RONA

This is a TV commercial that aired two years ago for the 2012 London Olympics. However, I think it's a humorous take on Canada's vast landscape and definitely worth a look.

6. "Canadian Idiot" by Weird Al Yankovic

Okay, this is not, in fact, by a Canadian artist; instead, it's Weird Al Yankovic's parody of Green Day's "American Idiot". However, since most of the Canadians I've come across who know this song think it's funny (and not offensive). So here you go anyway!

7. "Oh, Canada" by Five Iron Frenzy

Again, this one's actually by an American artist. But, again, I think it's funny - so enjoy!

And I think that's enough watching/listening to last you all a while! Once again, wishing everyone a safe and happy Canada Day, and I promise I'll get back to my more serious programming soon :)

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  1. Happy Canada Day to you Kita!! I'm sorry I'm a little late. I too have been away and having a crazy month! Pity you were not on home turf at the time! But, I hope you have a good vacation and have a few happy snaps you might like to share. I'm always curious about your mysterious trips ;)

    Hilarious collection. I realise the first one is supposed to be humorous and stereotypical, but... do you guys really speak that way? LOL. I mean, I accept that you have your own colourful slang as we Aussies do, but the accent was SO pronounced in that one. I suppose we have our own send-ups with extreme "occa" or "bogan" Aussie accents too :)

    Sorry, I do not want to be Canadian (please!) - quite happy being an Aussie however, as the rap pointed out, you do have the worlds largest supply of fresh water and that is a concern to me with possible resource wars in the future and in the event of some kind of apocalypse or alien invasion (;P), living in the driest country on earth is not going to be brilliant teehee. So, I have decided then to maintain good relations with you Canucks in case I need to flee there one day hahhha.

    Did you see the ladies Wimbledon final? I personally can't stand tennis but had the misfortune of having to sit through some of it as my internet was out... I was hoping your Canadian girl would win but I knew she wouldn't from the outset. Still, a wonderful achievement and I'm sure you're proud :)

    While we're on the topic of sport and Canada, I forgot to tell you something. You've heard me rabbit on about Aussie Rules Football a bit - but did you know we have a Canadian playing for Sydney? A few years ago he was branded the worst player ever to play AFL (lol) but hardly surprising seeing as he's Canadian and was not familiar with the sport. He's really improved and is a great player. He was in the premiership squad in 2012. His name is MIke Pike (how unfortunate). There is a piece of totally useless Australiana/Canadiana (Canadiana??)

    Will be back around online more often soon